How to Connect Professional Email to Gmail App (2023)

A professional email address is essential in today’s digital environment for individuals as well as businesses. Even though there are many email providers, Gmail and Apple continues to be the most popular options according to the latest data.

The Gmail app is popular because of its user-friendly interface and extensive features that make it easy for you to manage all of your emails in one place. By the end of this article, you should be able to link a custom domain email to the Gmail app.

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Step 1: Choose a Domain Name

Before connecting your custom domain email to Gmail, you must have a domain name and a domain provider. A domain provider is a company that registers and manages your domain name. Some popular domain providers include GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Google Domains. If you don’t have a domain name yet, you can register one with any of these providers.

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Step 2: Create an Email Account with Your Domain

Once you have a domain name and a domain provider,  you will need to create your domain email address.  Most domain providers offer email hosting services, allowing you to create professional email addresses linked to your domain.

After creating email address you should get instructions for connecting your email to an email client in your newly created email, the instructions can also be found in the email management section on the domain provider’s control panel.

cpanel email settings instructions

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Step 3: Configure Gmail App

Now that you have the email client configuration settings, it’s time to configure the Gmail app to receive emails from your custom domain. Follow these steps:

1. open the Gmail app on your device

connect domain email to gmail app

2. Tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner of the app.

connect domain email to gmail app

3. Scroll down and select “Settings.”

gmail settings for connecting domain name to gmail app

4. Tap on your account name or the “+ Add account” option.

connect domain email to gmail app

5. Select “Other” as the account type.

connect domain email to gmail app

6. Enter your custom domain email address and tap “Next”.

connect domain email to gmail app

7. Choose either POP or IMAP as the account type based on the settings you enabled in your domain provider’s control panel.

connect domain email to gmail app

8. Enter the incoming mail server and port settings provided by your domain provider.

connect domain email to gmail app

9.  Enter the outgoing mail server and port settings provided by your domain provider.

link custom domain email to gmail app

10. Authenticate using your password.

authenticate custom domain email on gmail

11. Configure additional settings such as sync frequency, notifications, and account display name.

12. Tap “Next” and then “Done” to complete the setup process.

Step 4: Test and Troubleshoot

It’s crucial to verify your custom domain email account in the Gmail app after configuring it. To make sure that incoming and outgoing emails are functioning properly, send a test email to yourself or ask someone else to send it to you. If you have any problems, double-check the settings, especially the server and port specifications, and make sure that the email services offered by your domain provider are operating properly.

Start using Gmail with your own domain email today

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily connect your custom domain email to the Gmail app and enjoy the convenience of managing all your emails in one place. In addition to improving your brand’s image, a business email address connected to your domain provides a smooth email experience across several devices. You’ll enjoy the advantages of a streamlined and expert email communication system if you take the time to set up your custom domain email with Gmail.

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