How Setting up a Business Email With Asetics Works

This guide includes the following information

Step 1 – Selecting an email package

The first crucial step is selecting the right email package that suits your business size and business needs. Different businesses require different email packages to get started, this is because every email package has different features designed for businesses of different sizes, and every package comes with different storage and email address limits. Below are some suggestions for selecting email packages.

Small businesses

If you are a small business that is just starting out which doesn’t have to many email communications and campaigns you can get started with a 1gb or 2gb email hosting which allows you to have 3 email address which are enough for small businesses since small business have simple email communication requirements.

Established businesses

If your business is a medium to large size business you can choose any hosting package between 3Gb – 10Gb email package which gives you 5 to 15 email addresses to help you stay organized and assign different email for different parts of your business from marketing, contact, etc.

Step 2 – Submitting business information

After selecting the email package you have to provide us with your business name which will be used by Asetics to do two things that are crucial to your brand’s email. The first thing is to check the availability of a domain name that includes your business name.

How does checking domain availability work?

When you provide us with a business name we will check if a domain with your business name already exists, E.G if your business name is greatBusiness we will check for domain if the domain is available we will move on to the next step.

What if my domain is already in use?

If your domain is already registered or in use by someone, you will have to come up with alternative names similar to your business name. An example using a business called greatBusiness would be trying domains like,,, etc.

Another option to consider, especially if the domain you intend to use is already taken by an established business or a business with a registered trademark is to completely change your business name.

Step 3 – Making a payment

when an available domain has been selected we will send you a link where you will make a payment using a secure payment processing service PayFast.

Step 4 – Connecting email to your devices

Once payment has been confirmed we will finalize the email creation process. This final step includes setting up your email aliases and helping you connect your email addresses to your email client (application).

Setting up Aliases

Email aliases are email addresses under your domain, you can have emails like,, etc depending on your business needs. The number of email aliases you can have under your domain will be determined by the business email package you select.

Connecting your email to an email application

After setting up your aliases we will send you the instructions for connecting all the created emails to your mobile and other devices so that you can effortlessly send and receive business emails. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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